Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Busy week!

Hi all ~

Just want to apologize for not posting much lately.  Just very very busy with end of school, and graduation preparation.  I promise I'll be back at it in full force once things calm down!

Hope you are doing well!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Open My Eyes, Lord!

Sorry it's been a while since I've posted.  Life has just been a little busy, and I was pretty sure you would understand.  I put away everything but my faith and my family to finish out Lent, and I haven't had time to come back here since!!!

I just spent a wonderful day with our two oldest early start to the day (we had to be at the high school at 6 am!), but a wonderful day nonetheless.  The NBHS band competed at the state level today.  Although they didn't get the "1" that they would have liked, I couldn't have been prouder of them!!  They went out there and performed like champs (I would have given them a "1"!), and, more importantly, when watching these young people around the other bands, and later at another location, they acted like ladies and gentlemen.  So so proud!

After the contest, their band director took all of us (I was a chaperone, so I was included) to play laser tag.  Initially, I thought I was just a chaperone and wasn't going to do it, but upon a little urging I did it!  And you know what?   Maybe I should be forced into stuff a little more often.  I loved it!!!  It was fun to get people and just let my hair down for a while!!!  And, in a place where most of the people were under 4 foot tall, I was amazed at the great conduct of the youth.  Great great kids!!!!!

So, tomorrow is Mother's Day.  The day we honor our mothers, and, if we are lucky enough to be a mom, a day to be honored.  I've read so much this week about what do mothers want for Mother's Day -- with answers ranging from breakfast in bed to a trip somewhere.  Know what?  My kids will tell you this -- all that is fine -- and I'm certainly a sucker for the things brought home from school and made with love -- the thing I like most of all is when my family is all together.  It's all becoming too real to me that soon Sarah will be off to college, and our family dinners won't be all of our family together any I'm trying to soak this all in while I can. 

If you've been reading this blog for very long at all, you know that I am a pretty big fan of Jesse Manibusan....I love that man's music.  The song of his that I have been thinking about today is "Open My Eyes, Lord!" -- I've included a link below.  Please listen to it.  It's an incredibly simple song, but says so much.  Help me to see your face, love like you, open my eyes Lord!!!  I hope you love it as much as I do!!!

So, tomorrow we celebrate Mother's Day....the day that starts with lots of hugs and kisses and breakfast in bed.......everything our kids can do to make us happy!!!

To all the mothers out there, Happy Mother's Day. 

To all the women who would like to be mothers and haven't been able to accomplish that just yet, hang in there.  Know that our prayers are with you that your dreams will somehow come true.

To all the adoptive mothers out there -- thank you for sharing your gifts of love, to take a child into your home and welcome them into your family.

To all the women who have given up their children for adoption.  Thank you.  Thank you for giving that child a chance to live.  And thank you for giving another family the opportunity to be parents.  We have several friends who have adopted children, and the gifts those kids bestow on their families is awesome.  So thank you.

To all of you Moms who have lost a child -- my heart aches for you.  I offer up prayers of strength and courage for you. 

And last, but certainly not least -- if your mom is no longer with us, know that we are thinking of you.  Our moms are with the Blessed Mother herself -- what a gift.  I know that I am missing my mom something terrible this year, so if your mom is still around, give her an extra hug from me.  I love you, Mom!
Happy Mother's Day!