Saturday, February 15, 2014

Queen for a day!

A couple of weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to feel like a queen for a day!  The woman who does my hair (and my friend), Brianna Phlipot, owns the Looking Glass Salon and Spa in Minster.  One day on her Facebook page, she requested volunteers for a makeover at an event they were going to.  Without even thinking, I responded with a "Pick me!".  (After I thought about it, I wondered what I did, but it was too late!)

A week or so later, she contacted me and asked if I really wanted to do it.  I told her that if she had others, I would be fine, and she should ask them.  She told me she thought that I would be fun and wanted me to do it.

I agreed.  I went to her salon for a consultation.  I'm usually pretty agreeable when it comes to ideas of cut and color, because my theory is that it is hair and, while everyone sees it, it will eventually grow back and/or we can recolor it.  However, they were pulling out strands that I wasn't sure were "me".  But, I promised myself that I was "theirs".  They were the professionals and whatever they wanted to do was going to be what I wanted to do!!!  So, they picked colors, I agreed, and we had a plan.

Next up was shopping.  Boy, was that fun!  Again, I decided that I would let them pick what I was going to wear.  I was really going out of the box on this one!  I didn't have to buy the clothes if I didn't like them, so that made it easier to go along with.  Of course, I was shopping with someone much younger than me who could wear cute things like dresses with boots, so I would hurry and put something on just to see what she was trying on!!  We ended up finding a super cute outfit that was comfy, too.

Our original date was postponed because the weather did not cooperate.  So, I had an extra week to get myself mentally ready!!!

Of course, on the original date, we had a clear calendar.  On the rescheduled date, Jim and I had tickets for the afternoon production of "Sister Act" at the Schuster Center.  So, that made for an interesting day!  I packed my bag in the morning before we left, as I knew time would be tight.  We saw the show (which was wonderful, by the way!)  After the show, we hightailed it out.  Thank goodness we had fabulous seats, so we were among the first to the parking garage.  We jumped in the car and departed.  I waved to the University of Dayton campus, sad that we didn't have time to stop and say hi to Sarah!  Once on the interstate, I changed my clothes ;) -- that was fun and adventurous!!  I would tell Jim to slow down or speed up so I didn't scare anyone on the highway!!!

We decided on the way that we didn't really have time to go home and drop Jim off, so I dropped him at his parents (which was on the way) and went on my merry way!

I was a little later than I thought and had the girls worried, but I didn't miss anything when I got there.  We took a few "before" pictures and then went out on stage to show everyone in attendance our "before".  Here's mine:

Man, do I take a great "before" picture!!!  LOL  

So, off we went.  Jenna did my hair (which also made me a bit nervous, because Bri always does my hair.  I was definitely out of my comfort zone for the evening.).  Please note -- there were no mirrors present for the evening.  I did not know what was happening, with the exception of seeing hair on the floor and people around me saying it was looking good!

Here are a few photos from throughout the evening:

Here we go!  Jenna and I.  I look like a little girl with my pig tails!  I got my hair cut first, while the others got their color on first.

I think his name was John?  The only guy -- he got his hair cut off and his beard shaped up.  (I was showing my age because I wanted them to shave the beard!)
 Starting to take shape with the cut.  Look at those roots on that girl!
 Bye bye hair :(
A little color on the hair and brows to make them match.  This is when I knew I was getting a truly different color, when they wanted to dye the brows, too!
The "other" Stacy getting her hair blown dry.  We joked all evening because there were two Stac(e)ys.  I even asked if they would play "Stacy's Mom" when I walked out, because even though I wasn't old enough to be their mother, I felt like it!  LOL
 What a great cut she was getting!  (This is the Locks of Love Stacey).
 Our makeshift rinsing station.  It was comfy (not!).
 Love these girls.  We truly had so much fun that night!  Not my greatest shot, but oh, well.
 The "view" from my rinsing seat at Romer's.  LOL!
 Love these guys!

Remember I am taking these photos without looking at them.  It was so funny to see the first time I actually looked through them!  Blowing my hair dry -- Jenna liking the color!
 Melody should really move into my house and do my makeup each day (then I would actually wear some).  She is amazing!
 Look at that great cut on her!!!  I love it!
 Even the girls were excited to see what was going on.
I got dressed and never looked in the mirror.  I kept messing with my jacket because it is uncomfortable to not know what your clothes look like on!!!

And now, it was time for the big reveal!!  I didn't get a picture of me seeing myself for the first time, but I will tell you it shocked me!!!  Even though I had seen the small pieces of hair color, I am not a visual person and couldn't figure out what I was going to look like.  I have to say I was pleasantly surprised!!  I have gotten many very positive comments on the color, so maybe it will be the "new normal".  I guess we will see at my next appointment!!!

Thank you so much to the girls at the Looking Glass for a fun evening and for making this girl feel like a queen, if only for a few hours.  And to any of you reading this, if you ever get the chance, step out of your comfort zone and do it.  It was so fun!  (I would even come along if you asked.)

So, here's me afterwards and with my friends that came along:

 Jenna and I
 Lora, Tina, and myself -- my support team for the evening!
Close up with make up and all.  I really liked this look!

Before and after comparison:

Friday, February 7, 2014

Snow Storm!

Well, at the risk of losing a few friends....I am going to write this!  For us here in Ohio, we are in the middle of a winter storm.  Last week, we had very cold temperatures (I saw -9 one morning on my way to work -- and that was on my car thermostat, not including wind chill!).  While it's warmed up a bit, we now have snow and blowing!!  Honestly, it's exactly like the winters I remember as a kid.  With the exception of overnight guests!

Let me explain that a bit -  I grew up in a house that was on a state route.  We had lots of traffic come past our house on any given day.  When the weather would get cold and snowy, inevitably we would have at least one person show up at our door needing to use our phone to call a family member, tow truck, or something.  Or my dad and brothers would get their tractor and chains and go pull them out of the ditch. Often, if the weather was bad, their family members could not make it out to get them or help them, they would spend the night at our house until help could arrive.  (Can you say that was another world?  :) )

During the Blizzard of '78, we had two such guests.  I often think back to the two of them and chuckle.  They could not have been more different.  One guy was quiet and didn't say much.  And the other one couldn't keep quiet -- about anything!!!  I remember we could hardly say the second guy's name after he left, as he made my mother quite irritated!!!

I have been talking to people, and listening to people, and reading from people all about the weather.  I haven't really read too many people who are fond of the wintery mix we are in the middle of.  However, I must confess, I do not mind it!!  Sure, it's cold and I don't get to go everywhere I want to every day, but I honestly have enjoyed a little slower pace.

It's been fun to have the kids home a few extra days (even though our grocery bill skyrockets those days!).  It's been fun to play a few extra games, or have a few extra chats that we wouldn't have had otherwise.

I've been watching on Facebook -- and it's fun to see how many families are taking this extra time to play games together, or read books, or cook.  Things that we normally don't make time for because we are too busy running to sporting events, and meetings, and hundreds of other things that make our lives busy.  I would bet, although many people are expressing frustration, that deep down they are enjoying themselves and this slower pace -- if only for a while.

Thank goodness we haven't had any extra unplanned guests in the past few weeks -- but we have had a few extra unplanned laughs.  And I would consider that a good trade-off!