Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Words to live by.....

Sorry I have been AWOL a bit.....trying to get back in the swing of things after vacation!  Alas, here is a little tidbit to tide you over....

Rise above the pain! You are bigger than your circumstances or your life situation. Your life is not defined by your relationship status, your current job, your bank account, or anything that you have or have not done in the past. Don't listen to any person or automatic negative thoughts that may have conditioned you to think of yourself or your life as a failure.

Don’t ever choose a permanent solution for a temporary problem. You have people who need you and who are counting on you. There is always another day and another way. Rise above the pain, and know that deep inside of you there is another person waiting to break through. You have the ability to rebuild, regroup, recover, and revive!! Breathe life into your dream. Know that you can live a meaningful and purposeful life. You are an unrepeatable miracle, and your dream can live... despite what you feel and inspite of what you're going through right now! You have something special...you have GREATNESS within you!
― Les Brown

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Upcoming Event: Saturday March 9 2013!

Hello!  Long time, no post -- I'm so sorry!  I've been off with my honey on our dream vacation -- to Hawaii!!!  I'm happy to report we had a blast -- here's a sneak peek photo -- and are back to normal.  :)

(That's from our helicopter tour, which was totally awesome!)

I promise a post about this soon, but first.....I must tell you I am very excited to announce I have a big speaking engagement this weekend!!!  I will be speaking for the Magnificat of Lima Group at the Old Barn Out Back.  I remember when Sharree asked me several months ago, I mentioned it would be right after our vacation, but somehow, it has still snuck up on me!

Registration begins at 9:30 am, with breakfast shortly after.  I think I'm up around 11 am to speak.  Pre-registration is not necessary, although I'm sure they would love to have a count prior to the day.  If you click on the Upcoming Events tab on top, I've added the brochure so you can view and print it.  It has all the details!

If you're planning to come, let me know -- so I can look for you and also so I can be sure to NOT tell any stories about you.  If you aren't there, I can't make that promise........

Hope to see you Saturday!