Monday, August 8, 2011

The End.

Well, it's over.  The week we look forward to all summer is over.  Fair week.  The week that we get to reconnect with friends, show projects, eat food that is horribly bad for us, is over.

I would call it a successful week.  We, personally, didn't have too much going on during the fair week.  Most of our projects were judged beforehand, so, for us, it was just time to go and enjoy.  Emily did model her things on Sunday, which was fun (although she modelled in two consecutive classes, so she was a little rushed).  The whole family came out to watch her.  I love that the kids didn't complain about that.  We found a little fair food, then settled in to listen to a couple of local bands in the beer tent (beer optional!).

However, the girls (Sarah and Emily) were on Junior Fair Board, so they stayed at the fair all week, with some friends, in a camper.  I love it that they love JFB and 4-H as much as I do!  :)  They worked before fair setting up pens, and putting names on them, worked lots of shows and judgings, worked the sales and showmanship competitions, handed out awards, and, hopefully had a little fun in there!  I remember being on fair board and realizing what a big job that is -- there are lots of big decisions made -- but it was really there that I was able to figure out how to think about a bigger picture than not just me.  My decisions, and the decisions of others on the board, affected lots of people, not just me or my family or friends.  Sometimes I had to make choices that I maybe didn't want to, but did it because it was the right thing to do, or followed the rules.  Very major life lessons learned!

The girls are tired, but not regretting one moment of the week.  Sarah is a little sad, because it was her last year in 4-H and on the board.  And now this week, band camp is going on, and she is no longer involved in that!  She's working on packing up her stuff, though, because Sunday is early move-in day at UD.  I'm already drinking lots of water in preparation for the tears I will shed this weekend!  LOL  We aren't leaving her there this's just drop off her stuff day.

Time to move on to bigger and better things -- like getting ready to go back to school!  Oh, my gosh!  I can't believe the time has come!  :| 

I hope your summer is going well, too.  Enjoy the moments...even the small ones.  Life is so so good!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Our day at the State Fair

So....we went to the state fair today.  Just Sarah and I.  We left around 6:30 this morning, as she had to be there at 9, and I was worried about city traffic.  And rightfully so!  We ended up getting there around 8:30, but did hit a bit of traffic.

It was a great day.  She didn't win any awards, but I couldn't have asked for a better day.  We just walked and talked, had lunch, got ice cream, watched the All Ohio State Fair Youth Choir, awards, and then home. 

Well, we did one other thing.  If you knew my dad, you would know that he LOVED to ride the little tractor driven ride around the fair.  We did it today.  For him.  And yes, crybaby Kaiser shed a tear while doing it.  I couldn't help but think of the many times I rode that ride with him, with him chuckling and waving at people as we went by.  I can't recreate his chuckle, but I sure did try the wave.  It was fun.  And very reminiscent of him.  Again, tradition.  I doubt I will go to the state fair very often without riding that ride for him. 

Love you, Dad!