Friday, February 7, 2014

Snow Storm!

Well, at the risk of losing a few friends....I am going to write this!  For us here in Ohio, we are in the middle of a winter storm.  Last week, we had very cold temperatures (I saw -9 one morning on my way to work -- and that was on my car thermostat, not including wind chill!).  While it's warmed up a bit, we now have snow and blowing!!  Honestly, it's exactly like the winters I remember as a kid.  With the exception of overnight guests!

Let me explain that a bit -  I grew up in a house that was on a state route.  We had lots of traffic come past our house on any given day.  When the weather would get cold and snowy, inevitably we would have at least one person show up at our door needing to use our phone to call a family member, tow truck, or something.  Or my dad and brothers would get their tractor and chains and go pull them out of the ditch. Often, if the weather was bad, their family members could not make it out to get them or help them, they would spend the night at our house until help could arrive.  (Can you say that was another world?  :) )

During the Blizzard of '78, we had two such guests.  I often think back to the two of them and chuckle.  They could not have been more different.  One guy was quiet and didn't say much.  And the other one couldn't keep quiet -- about anything!!!  I remember we could hardly say the second guy's name after he left, as he made my mother quite irritated!!!

I have been talking to people, and listening to people, and reading from people all about the weather.  I haven't really read too many people who are fond of the wintery mix we are in the middle of.  However, I must confess, I do not mind it!!  Sure, it's cold and I don't get to go everywhere I want to every day, but I honestly have enjoyed a little slower pace.

It's been fun to have the kids home a few extra days (even though our grocery bill skyrockets those days!).  It's been fun to play a few extra games, or have a few extra chats that we wouldn't have had otherwise.

I've been watching on Facebook -- and it's fun to see how many families are taking this extra time to play games together, or read books, or cook.  Things that we normally don't make time for because we are too busy running to sporting events, and meetings, and hundreds of other things that make our lives busy.  I would bet, although many people are expressing frustration, that deep down they are enjoying themselves and this slower pace -- if only for a while.

Thank goodness we haven't had any extra unplanned guests in the past few weeks -- but we have had a few extra unplanned laughs.  And I would consider that a good trade-off!


  1. I remember your dad and brothers coming to my aid, when My friend and I had car trouble coming home from Columbus. I thought we were near your house when it happened and instead, we were miles away. But they came and they got the car running. I was young and stupid and really never thanked them adequately. Thanks for all the rescues your family made in many ways!

  2. Kathy -- I remember that day like it was yesterday!! I still smile when I go past that curve. You were close -- relatively speaking -- much closer than you were to your parents! And Dad didn't mind one bit. You always made him smile. :)