Wednesday, July 6, 2011

All ATwitter!!!!

So, social networking is all aTwitter this week.  Seems the Pope joined Twitter, so he can be part of the new millenium.

Do you Twitter?  I have to admit, I have an account, but don't really use it.  I follow a few people -- I started when the girls were at NCYC a couple of years ago and they were going to update via Twitter.  I didn't really know what it was, or how it worked (not so sure I'm any smarter now!), but I wanted to feel like I was there.

I just signed up to follow the Pope.  We'll see how this goes.  LOL  What I found interesting was how many "fakes" there were!  I "followed" Pope Benedict, only to read some of the things he posted, and quickly realized I didn't follow the right guy!!  LOL

Here's the web address, if you're so inclined:!/PopeBenedictXIV

So, what do you do on Twitter?  Follow anyone interesting?  I would be interested to hear if you do.  Probably my most interesting person I follow is Kent Boyd.  LOL  Or, maybe Kelly Ripa.  She's always off to somewhere fun!

Hope you are having a great week.  Things seem to have slowed down on the Casey Anthony story, at least until her sentencing (or non-sentencing).  Time will tell.

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