Saturday, December 21, 2013

The long walk....

I was reading through my blog from the other day about my trip to Kentucky, and it struck me that I forgot to write about two of my favorite parts of our trip. 

The first would have to be the celebration of mass.  We didn't realize they had mass on Wednesday evenings, so it was a pleasant surprise to us when Marge mentioned that to us when we arrived.  Remember the other week when I spoke of how awesome it was to say the Our Father with 23,000 people?  Well, it was.  But I have to say that it was also pretty awesome on Wednesday to say the Our Father, and hold hands with all 12 of us in attendance at mass!  How wonderful that was!

The other part that I loved happened during the day, while we were helping people.  While we were shopping, our conversations would consist of "what would they like", "what size are they", etc.  When we got outside to take their things to the car, we would have time to chat.  Not everyone wanted to chat, of course, but many did.  Some just wanted to tell me how thankful they were.  Some wanted to tell me about their families -- who we just shopped for.  Some felt badly that they were there, and wanted to tell me their story. 

The one that struck me the most was the woman who didn't seem like she "belonged".  We laughed all the way through, because I would say -- "I've been thinking someone would love this" and she would reply with, "I was just looking at that!"  We had such similar tastes it was almost scary!

As we were walking to her car, she was explaining to me that she never thought she would be in that position.  She was a teacher, with a Master's Degree!  She said she had been looking for work, but was unable to find any.  I have found that the people in this area are very loyal to their family (kin) and won't leave them, in case you are wondering why she didn't move somewhere else to find a teaching job!  They stick together.  Through everything. 

I've added her and her family to my prayers -- that she find a job and find some peace.  How difficult that must be -- especially at this time of the year. 

I hope that you and your family find much peace this Christmas.  Merry Christmas!

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