Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas List Rules

We have new rules at our house this year for Christmas.  I'm not entirely sure how these are going to play out, but I heard them on K-Love and LOVE them!!!!

Each person's list must be divided into four parts:

  1. Something you want
  2. Something you need
  3. Something to wear
  4. Something to read
Santa will choose one thing from each list (maybe more, depending on value).  We've held strong to the three gift rule for several years (thinking Jesus only received three gifts, why would any of us deserve more than Him?) -- but that's kind of tough sometimes.............

I would be curious to know if any of you have ever tried this, or any other manner, of limiting Christmas gifts?  I get so uncomfortable when I realize what is spent each year on Christmas in this country.  I want to celebrate with my family and 

Let me know your thoughts.


  1. I really like this notion a lot! Too often we are tempted to keep spending money on things just to have lots of packages under the tree - end up buying stuff not really needed and barely even wanted! Now if I can just get my wife to read this now......

    Steve Pulskamp

  2. I LOVE the three present limit, I just don't understand those who feel they have to buy their child everything on their list, really what does that teach about the meaning of the season. The important part will be teaching the kids to connection to Jesus
    Beth Gehret

  3. I tell my children (including the ones I babysit for) that they can ask for whatever they want but it's just a "wish list". It's Santa who gets to decide what you need and what he wants to get you, depending on how your year has been and what his elves know how to make. Works for little ones!

  4. My sister has been doing this with her 8 children for years. They love it because limiting the number of gifts allows her to really put thought into what she does get.

  5. an interesting notion Pam... I too am troubled by the secularism and materialism so many of us tend to exhibit at Christmastime. Having said that, our little dude makes out like a bandit. Only child syndrome perhaps?

    Thought provoking to say the least...

  6. we've always done just 3 gifts for the same reason you mentioned. The kids think they're onto this though, and only list 3 items on their wish list, thinking this will mean they get exactly what they want. Funny lesson to be learned though, we don't always get what we want, rather what we need.
    This year, those 3 gifts are "simpler" things. Silly things they might need, or have mentioned wanting. Not the big-ticket items they see on tv in the weeks leading up to christmas. Trying hard to keep things simpler...and hopefully more meaningful.

  7. I'm wondering how this worked out for all of you this year? I hope well!!! :)