Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Lord, I Need You!

Today's one of those days....everywhere I look, someone needs my (our) prayers!

I knew a while ago that a local girl was going to have surgery today.  Her dad is a teacher at our high school, and the entire community and surrounding area has adopted little Raygen as their own -- to pray for, to hope for, to wish for.  Today, she went in for a pretty major surgery.  I spoke for a while with her dad last night, hoping to encourage him.  He spoke of how the community and surrounding areas have supported her and their entire family in ways that he never dreamt.  He spoke of good will and paying it forward.  I know she has felt the love and encouragement of everyone throughout this whole process -- I even spotted a photo of her mom's co-workers supporting Raygen Strong t-shirts today at work!  How very awesome!

Our little neighbor boy, who has been through so much the past couple of months, returned to the hospital for yet another surgery and stay yesterday.......he's so little, yet so loved by so many.  His parents and grandparents are such fantastic people -- one just wants this over for him so that he can return to normal life and getting into things like every one year old should!

I pray for someone close to me whose husband recently lost his job.  I got a phone call on my way in to work this morning, letting me know of this situation.  I pray for their family to get through the struggle of figuring out how to deal with the unexpected situation of living on one income.  I pray for courage and strength for them.

I pray for a very dear friend of mine -- one of my oldest friends in the whole world -- who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.....I pray that her tests today reveal that the cancer has not spread.  I pray for her husband, their children, and extended family -- I pray for peace within for all of them.

I'm still reeling from the news that someone who was very dear to me passed away last week, and I didn't know until after the funeral was over.  I was unable to pay my respects to dear Ginny.....she loved this blog and would beg me to write more.  So, in honor of her, I promise to be more faithful. 

Throughout the day at work today, I spent many times in prayer -- at the copier, waiting for something, a spare moment....thank you to my dear Patty who didn't look at me strangely when I teared up talking about all of this going on. 

Through it all, I kept hearing one thing in my head -- Lord I need you.  I have spoken of this song to many people in the past couple of weeks -- it has become my mantra.  Today, more than ever, I relied on this song very heavily. 

This particular video is from World Youth Day this past August.  I have to say that this had to have been one of the most powerful moments of the entire event.  Please take a few minutes and watch it -- and take it in.  Then, if necessary, watch it again.

I hope and pray with all my heart that everyone above felt my prayers today.  I think my thoughts today went to the fact that I always need the Lord -- just some days I need him more than others!  I wonder if he got tired of hearing from me today?  :)

I hope your day was better.  If you need a few people to pray for, have at my list above!  Or add your own in the comments and I'll add them to my prayer list!

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