Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hi everyone!

Hi all ~

No, I haven't forgotten about you -- just have been trying to enjoy life with our newly graduated girl, and enjoy our family as a whole. 

We made it!!  Unscathed!!  We made it through 12 graduation parties, one graduation ceremony, a baccalaureate, and the end of the school year!!  We did it!!!

We had a ton of fun -- why didn't anyone tell me how fun graduation parties are when you host them???  :)  We knew EVERYONE there!  What I wasn't prepared for was that I knew everyone there -- and didn't get to chat with everyone as much as I would have liked.  :(

Sarah will be off in August to the University of Dayton, where she will study Dietetics and Human Nutrition.  She went to work with Jim last week and spent the day with a couple of dieticians at the hospital -- and she loved it.  I hope her dreams (whatever they are!) come true!

We had another big moment in our house this past week.  Emily got her Driver's License!  I'm not quite sure which worries me more -- sending a child to college, or putting a new driver on the road.  I don't do well when they are gone in the early days.  It has nothing to do with trusting Emily -- it's just what can happen when you are on the roads.

I've been following the progress of a little boy from Coldwater, who was in an auto accident last Friday night.  Basically, his skull was crushed and his brain swelled.  At this point, little is known about what, if any, long-term effects he may have.  Please keep him and his family in your prayers.  I do not know them, but have been touched greatly by their faith, and the faith shown on their Facebook page.  If you have not seen this page yet, simply type in "Pray 4 Trey" in the searchbar on Facebook, and you will be at his page.  If you click "like" you will receive updates from the family as they are posted.  For all it's faults, Facebook has some really wonderful opportunities, like this, to support people you may not even know.

I'm going to work really hard at getting back on track with this blog.  I know that many of you enjoyed it, and frankly, I enjoy doing it.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend with those you love!

I'm off to la la land!  Good night!

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