Friday, April 20, 2012

Prom time!

Well, if you live in New Bremen and have a high schooler, you know that tomorrow night is prom.  A pretty highly anticipated evening for the high school crowd.  A time to put away the t-shirts and the pony tails, and dress up for a really fun night.

I remember when we first moved to New Bremen almost 16 years ago -- we found out they had promenade, which is a time when the kids all come out in their formal attire for all to see -- and we started going.  I would watch the girls in their beautiful dresses, and the guys in their tuxes, and couldn't even imagine my kids going to prom. 

Well, now I find myself with one done with prom entirely, and the second one entering that phase.  Jim and I often discuss the differences in our kids -- how can six kids, with the same parents, eating the same foods, in the same environment -- turn out so completely different?

Emily has been so fun to travel this journey with.  She is absolutely not all caught up in the "moment".  She has picked out a beautiful dress, and has a handsome date, but told me something really interesting while we were searching for dresses.  She said, "Mom, I'm just a junior.  This isn't my year to stand out with my dress.  That's best left for the seniors!"

I have to tell you I was floored.  I, in all my years, have never thought that way!  What a neat thing! 

She's been spending this evening doing her nails, and doing whatever primping she can so she can sleep in in the morning.  After all, staying up for 24 hours is hard work!  :)

I spent part of the day today with my friend, Carla.  She, along with her husband, Scott, are hosting the dinner before prom for their daughter, and their friends.  Fourteen kids, that will be ready to have a blast.  It was fun to get out my creative side today.  We even discussed how fun it was to make this a special night for the kids. 

I promise to come back with pictures.  I hope all of the kids have a grand time tomorrow night and keep safe.  But most of all, I hope they make some beautiful memories that will last them a lifetime!

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