Sunday, July 29, 2012


Are you watching the Olympics?  We have been.  We watched the opening ceremonies last night (my favorite part was watching the Queen Skydive!) and were mesmerized by the creativity of those who orchestrated it.

Tonight -- we watched.  We watched Michael Phelps not medal for the first time since we've known who he was.  We watched a young man named Ryan Lochte take the gold instead.  While we were so happy for him, a little part of us was sad inside for Michael Phelps -- wanting him to take it one more time!

Watching all these athletes have a dream to come true -- whether to simply compete in the Olympics, or medal, or to take it all with the gold -- is inspiring to me.

I couldn't help thinking, though, both nights, about one thing.  I wonder who is out there right now, ready for their chance in the games, who is not a household name right now -- but will be by the time this is over?  Who has such a back-story that we love them because of what they have overcome?  Who will run the race of their lives and beat all the predictions?  Will there be a Kerri Strug who finishes despite injuring themselves?

Obviously we do not know the answer to that right now, but I have to tell you, I cannot wait to watch this all play out!

USA!  USA!!!

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