Monday, July 30, 2012

It's fair week!

Oh, gosh is it a busy time around here!  It's fair week!  The past couple of weeks I have been working with other counties, judging their projects and modeling contests, but last week and this week is our kids' turn!  Such a fun time for everyone.  Seeing how well their projects stack up to others, working through the tears and frustration to turn out a project that they either love or never want to see again (we experienced both this year!), facing their fears in judging, and then celebrating the fruits of their labor at the fair -- seeing friends old and new, watching shows and contests, and maybe even sneaking in some fair food!

Sarah's too old to be in 4-H, so we are down to 5 4-H'ers in our household.  Still a lot of projects to complete.  I have to say that this has been one of my favorite years so far.  Everyone's old enough to do their own thing without a lot of pushing from me -- and this year, everyone seemed to be doing a project that they enjoyed so I didn't have to keep on them.

We were very successful!  My mantra is that the fair is not about winning, because it isn't.  It's about doing YOUR best.  In fact, the 4-H motto is "Making the best better."  Meaning push yourself to the limits.  But it's about YOU and pushing YOU.  Any place ribbons you win or outstanding of the day ribbons are just icing on the cake if you have done your best.

All of the kids received "A" ribbons.  First hurdle crossed!  :)  All had smiles on their faces during their judging times.  Second hurdle crossed!  :)

Harry showing everyone his video he made -- and was VERY proud of!

Abby decorated this "cake" all by herself!  (It was styrofoam underneath and is currently in the fair booth!)

Will getting judged.  He painted dog dishes for our dog, Oliver.  He was so cute!

Becca sitting with her judge for yeast breads.  She made pretzel rolls -- they were delicious!

Emily had a particularly good day yesterday.  She modeled her dress that she made, for which she received Outstanding of the Day and a State Fair nomination.  She is not able to participate at the State Fair due to other commitments, so she handed that honor off to someone else.  However, she was awarded the Clothing Achievement Award for outstanding achievement over the course of her 4-H career.  We were pretty proud of her for that.  She received a silver platter for her award.

Technically, we are done with the fair.  All of our judging is complete.  We may sneak over some evening, but for all intents and purposes we are done.  Emily is heavily involved with Junior Fair Board, so she will be at the fair all day every day.  I may go out some evening just to see her for a little bit!

I love fair -- still to this day I run into old friends I made at the fair....many times our kids are competing against each other, much as we did way back when :).  Good times and good friends.  Isn't that what life is all about?

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