Friday, August 3, 2012

Date day (and night!)

Yesterday was a rare day for Jim and I.  We both took off, in the middle of the week, to spend the day together -- just him and I -- at the state fair.  How fun!  We had an hour and a half on the way there AND on the way home to talk -- no one interrupted us, no one was yelling, nothing!  So special.

 We originally planned this day because Jim found out Boston and Kansas were playing last night.  He wanted to go see them in concert.  Well, when you purchase concert tickets to the fair, you get entrance as well, so we left mid-morning to get there in time to look around for a while before the concert.  We had two extra tickets, and I found out my sister was going to be there, so she said she would go with us a bring me a surprise guest that I knew.  OK, I said.

After all of this was arranged, I found out my very special goddaughter would be competing in clothing while we were there.  So, we wandered around the fair, got some lunch (from Schmit's of course!), looked through a few buildings, and then went in to watch Andrea get judged.  She made a beautiful dress and jacket that showed beautifully in judging and on the stage.  Also while we were in there, I got the chance to catch up with my old buddy, Joyce Kremer, whose daughter was also competing.

Soon my sister showed up with my surprise, who was my brother, Jim.  If you have ever met Jim, you would likely guess that the last place you would look for him was at a rock concert.  So, I took pictures so that we could document this moment!  LOL

My brother, Jim, and I

Me, Jim, and Nancy

We grabbed a quick dinner in time to rush in and see Kansas (we were a few minutes late -- oopsies!).  They were ok -- I didn't know a lot of the songs they played and their voices are sounding a little gruff.  :)

BUT, soon after the stage changed hands, we were in for a treat!  :)  Boston took the stage!  I tried to take some pictures but only had my phone with me, so they are not such great quality....but will try to share some (and maybe even a video!).

It's nice to go back and relive memories.  Jim and I giggled on the way home, because neither of us had really remembered that one of our very first dates was at the Ohio State Fair.  And soon thereafter, we went to dinner at Schmit's.  I guess we were reliving earlier years without really trying (or maybe, we went back to our favorite places).  All I know is that we had a fantastic day!  I love every day I get to spend with that man -- God so blessed me when he put him into my life.  We've been through lots in our years together -- and even though it hasn't always been easy -- it would have been much much harder without him by my side.


  1. I LOVE dates with my husband, it's a wonderful gift to ourselves and our kids to have a mutually respectful, loving relationship with your spouse, if nothing else the little time away we have helps you survive those "bumps" in the road when it's just not easy

  2. You guys are an inspiration!!

  3. Thanks for the sweet comments! We really should have more date nights -- and are working toward that. :)