Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Happy anniversary, my love!

Twenty years ago today, I married my best friend.  Little did I know that many years ago what our lives would hold!  I do know that at that time, and still today, I wouldn't have wanted to go through the betters and worses without him!

I look back on our pictures and realize that although we seemed old at the time (26 and 27), we were really just kids.  Actually, it was probably better that way.  If we had known the challenges we would be faced with, we may not have said I do!

But we did, and here we are.  We've been through some really great times and some really low times.  Through it all, he's been my rock.  Truly living up to those promises we made on that day.

You know, taking marriage vows is a big leap of faith.  Trusting that the other person really will live up to those promises and not bail at the first sign of trouble.  Trusting that you won't grow tired of each other.  Trusting that you don't drive each other crazy (well, not sure I didn't test this one once or twice, but he's still here, so.....  :)

I remember when we were dating, he always did nice little things for me.  I wondered at the time if those things would continue.  They have!  :)  He's always doing nice little things for me to make sure I know that he loves me.

One of the poems he wrote to me has become our mantra.  We even had it printed on our wedding cake:

"From sunrise to sunset
With every passing cloud;
I'd always be right by your side
If only time allowed."

So special!  I wish we really could be with each other every waking moment!

I remember one time I asked him why he didn't send me flowers for some occasion.  He looked at me and said, (if you know Jim at all you know this is so true!) "I grow many flowers so that I can make  you bouquets all the time! Why do I need to buy special flowers?"  Point well taken.  He does.  We never discussed again!  :)

Without getting all mushy, I wanted to share a few photos of that day with you.  Above is us with our unity candle (it had oil in it, which ran out, which is why there is a match in it!  LOL).  Here is our engagement picture so you can see us all young and stuff:

And then, the traditional wedding photo.  

And our beautiful wedding party:

If you know me at all, you know what a huge reality tv junkie I am.  So, in reality tv speak:

Jim ~ you've always been a great "Big Brother" to your younger siblings, but I'm glad  you took yourself off of "The Bachelor" so that I could be a "Dance Mom".  We have definitely mastered "Survivor" and, after living in 2 cities, having 2 dogs, raising 6 children and traveling through 22 states and 2 countries.....I'm so glad you have been with me on this "Amazing Race".  I definitely would have been the "Biggest Loser" without you.

I love you, Jimmy!  Let's get this party started!!!  :)

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