Thursday, August 30, 2012

It's a new year!

Sorry I haven't written anything for a few days -- these first few days of school always throw me for a loop until we get back in the swing of things -- earlier bedtimes, arranged shower times, figuring out the next day's schedule, etc.

I think we got it.  Right now, we only have one major scheduling conflict to work around each week -- Becca has taken a job at Schwieterman's Drug Store in Minster, so she needs a ride on the days that she works.  Sometimes Emily can take her, but other days I just take off from work early to go get her and move her to Minster.  It's kind of fun sometimes to be home early and get a jump on dinner, so I don't mind.  And, my wonderful boss doesn't care, so that's good, too!  :)

It's fun seeing the kids in their new roles each year -- this year we have Sarah in her second year of college at the University of Dayton, where she is studying dietetics -- and anxiously awaiting her turn for Organic Chemistry, which I think frightens her -- a lot!  :)

Emily is in her senior year and from all appearances is enjoying it.  She's really involved in lots of things, so Emily sitings are rare -- so oftentimes I will sit on the end of her bed at the end of the day just to catch up with her.  She works part-time at the New Bremen Coffee Company, is the co-captain of her flag corps, plus is trying to find some other colleges to apply to in case her chosen ones don't work out as she hopes.  Senior year is such a stressful year that we are trying to help her along in any way we can to get over these hurdles so she can sit back and relax!

Becca as I said before, is working part-time at Schwieterman's -- and loving it!  She always has stories to tell me of people that came in or what it's like to wash out the compounding equipment, or whatever.....I love that she loves it!  She's a sophomore and is soon to be 16 -- next week, in fact!  She drove me around tonight looking for her homecoming dress -- and I'm proud to announce that I now ride with her and don't feel the constant need to be watching the road!  Yay!!!  I'm hopeful she's able to pass the test on the first try....I think she can do it!

Abby and Harry are in the 6th grade this year -- and loving it, too!  I love this grade because I personally feel like I know the teachers a little better, which just helps the mom in me!  :)  They are both in band (Abby = clarinet; Harry = trombone) -- so that's fun, too!

Will is in the fifth grade this  year -- and joined band (which I think I've mentioned before).  He's playing the drums and the bells and certainly seems to enjoy it!  I'm hoping Emily's friends, who play percussion, will come over and play with him some night.  That would be fun!  :)

Life is always busy and hectic around here -- and each night I collapse into the couch realizing what a full day I just put in.  But I wouldn't have it another way -- I love that our kids are finding their ways in life -- and that we are blessed enough to help them do that.

I hope this school year finds you happy and well.  May it be a great year for all!

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