Friday, April 1, 2011

Christ is Risen (well, almost!)

I must be on a video roll this week!  :)  Really, I love this video....."Christ is Risen" by Matt Maher.  Matt is a Christian recording artist that I have had the opportunity to see perform a couple of times.  He has a spectacular voice, but always has a wonderful message.  If you are my friend on Facebook, you will recall I posted a video a week or so ago of a bunch of people singing in a hallway.  He was in that. 

So why did I choose this song to write about today?  I feel it is a great anthem for Lent!  More specifically, it's a great song for Easter Sunday.  Christ is Risen from the dead!  Oh, death, where is your sting?  Oh, hell, where is your victory? 

It's a celebratory song, celebrating the fact that Jesus has risen from the dead!  I love Easter songs, because after the dark and gloomy preparation days of lent, we are finally able to sing Alleluia! and happy songs once again.

If you haven't heard any of Matt's songs, go check them out.  You can listen to many of them at (and order any of them if you are so inclined).  There is also a podcast there of him discussing this song specifically: <==click on that to hear it.

I love Christian music, and specifically many of the artists that are on spiritandsong.  I'm no expert, especially since I have a limited spectrum of the TYPES of music I like to listen to!  :)

I saw today that there is a movement to get everyone to pray a rosary on Good Friday.  Might you want to accept this challenge?  Imagine how powerful that would be, if we all decided to pray one on that day.  If you would like to, and yet have questions about how to pray the rosary, check out -- they are sure to have help for just that.  And many other things.  It's a great site!

Hope your weekend is off to a good start.  Here's a funny for you:  Will, with a very straight face at dinner, asks, "Do cats lay eggs?"  After the ensuing laughter, we filled him in.  Hope that put a smile on your face.  It did mine!

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