Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Holy Week

Don't just survive Holy Week. Submerge yourself totally into the life, passion, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. 
 Sorry I've been a little AWOL :) -- our computer was down for a few days.  Ugh!
I had big plans for Holy Week, too!  I hope yours has been good so far.  I always find myself evaluating to find within myself whether or not I feel I have grown during Lent.  Sometimes are better than others!  LOL
I ran across this article the other day when looking for something and thought I should post it here.  If you are looking for ways to grow in your faith, here are 12 ways that might just help you out!!  From making palm crosses, to quizzes about things that happened during the triduum, to things to do this week, it's a handy dandy little link!

So we find ourselves ready to head into Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday this week.  Do you typically honor these days by attending church?  We went for several years without going, or alternating years that we went, when the kids were little -- too long and, especially Friday, during naptime did not make for a service that we (or anyone around us) got much out of.  It's nice that the kids are older now that we can go as a family.  
A couple of years ago, I took the opportunity to go to the Chrism Mass at the cathedral in Cincinnati to watch the Archbishop bless all of the oils that will be used in the upcoming year in our parishes.  That is, in and of itself, a beautiful celebration -- if you ever get the chance to go, or can make yourself available, it is certainly a mass you will remember.  To me, any mass in the cathedral is memorable because of the pure beauty of the church.

Holy Thursday is such an emotional mass for me, every year.  This year, for some reason, Palm Sunday caught me offguard and I found myself with tears streaming down my face throughout mass.  However, when Father transfers the Eucharist on Holy Thursday, and (at least in my church) we sing, "On Holy Ground" -- I feel so........not sure what the word is that I'm looking for......holy, I guess.  Not that I'M holy, but feel as if I'm in such a holy place.  I guess it's the beginning of the end, the last before Jesus dies on the cross for me, and for you.

I'm really looking forward to that mass on Thursday.  I promise to stay away from my friends in church that I know will also cry, and I promise to not look at anyone in the choir, lest we all start crying together.

I wish for you the holiest of Holy Weeks.  God bless!

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