Thursday, April 7, 2011

Survivor: Redemption Island - Real Reality

So, have you been watching Survivor this season???  I have.  It's been....well, pretty amazing!  Besides the bugs, and rice, and rain, and backstabbing, of course.....there's a unique component this time.  And that unique component is one of the players, Matt.

He found a friend, Andrea, early on.  Rob, who has played 2 other seasons, knows alot about he ins and outs of this game, and worried that a "team" can gain power and eventually win the game.  (As Rob found out when he played with Amber, the woman who would eventually become his wife -- and they won.).

So, Rob got the team to vote Matt out.  This year, instead of being out of the game, players that are voted out are sent to Redemption Island, where they get the chance to play the next ejected player in a dual to see who gets to stay and eventually come back into the game.  Well, they didn't realize Matt's strength and endurance obviously, because Matt was the first player voted out, but went on to beat 5 competitors at duals, and eventually come back into the game.

Prior to each dual, the two players get to share a bit of time (I'm guessing a day or so) and share game play on their team's part, as well as personal information.  Obviously we are not privvy to all of the information exchanged, and we really only get what the producers choose to show us. 

I have been surprised and actually shocked by what I have seen this season.  Matt discusses his faith a lot, talking about how God will put him where He wants Matt to be.  However, in the clip above, we see what I think to be an amazing moment. Krista, the other player who has been voted out, eventually loses the dual to Matt.  I think everyone's jaw dropped at the next scene.  She asks Jeff Probst, the host of the show, if she can give Matt her "luxury item", which is her bible.  They had discussed their faith, and she knew it was important to him, but he didn't have his (I have no idea what his luxury item was).  So, he now has a bible that he can refer to during his time on Survivor!  Awesome!

Last night's show was almost as awesome, on a faith-sharing note.  I won't share in case you haven't seen the show.  If you haven't, but want to watch, all of the shows are online.

I love that Matt is being so open with his faith.  I'm sure there are some on his tribe that don't understand, or are bothered by it, but I'm so proud of him.  Not only is he showing his faith, he is sharing it with the other people on the show, and, more importantly, the entire viewing audience!  How awesome is that???

I think sharing our faith is sometimes a difficult thing, especially when we are in situations that we are not familiar with.  For him to do it on such a level is awesome!  Sometimes, even writing this, I feel a little vulnerable, making my faith journey so visible, but, as I said in the beginning, I have felt a call and am trying my best to answer it!

I'm on Team Matt!!!  :)  Go Matt!  :)  Go Team Jesus!  :)


  1. We are on team Matt too! What's really awesome is that he is living his faith and not just talking it. I loved how he went with his peace and stayed with his original tribe. It seemed to bite him in the butt in the natural, but we'll see.

  2. Even if he goes home at this point (which I hope he doesn't), he has made a significant impact on the lives of many.