Friday, January 25, 2013

A totally Mommy post!

As you are aware, our oldest daughter is away at college at the University of Dayton.  Sarah's a sophomore there, so we are getting used to her being away from home.  However, every mother will tell you that when your child is sick, you want to take care of them.  And, I'm pretty sure they want to be taken care of.

So, imagine my conundrum earlier this week when Sarah texted me and said she didn't feel well.  Then felt like she had a fever.  Couldn't sleep.  Slept a lot!  Had a sore throat.  Nothing tasted good.  Ugh!  It's only the second week of classes, so she needed to be there and couldn't come home to rest.

I tried to advise from afar as long as I could.  Until last night.  I got a text from her stating her neck hurt.  Uh oh, I thought.  My thoughts immediately went to meningitis, but I backed off.  Thankfully.  I backed off to -- "how is your throat today?  Have you looked at it?"  My response from her was that it hurt and -- a picture of her throat!!!

I won't gross you out and post the picture, but let it suffice to say that every hint my pediatrician ever gave me for how to diagnose strep throat was in that particular photo!  I blew it up to look at it really good and said, "call the doctor.  You have strep throat!"

So she made an appointment for this morning.  I told her to tell the nurse that story -- it would make her chuckle.  She did and the nurse laughed and told her to tell me to get my tonsils out if I have seen strep that often!  LOL  They did a rapid strep test and wah-la -- she has strep.

If only I could prescribe meds.........

Please don't send me your photos to diagnose your illnesses!  I'm very faint at heart when it comes to that stuff -- kind of like I really could only change my own kids' poopy diapers -- no other.  I'll stick with diagnosing my own!

Get better soon, Sarah!


  1. LOL Pam...I am sure she wishes she was at home having you take care of her. Strep is no fun especially when you do not have anyone to take care of you like MOM!!!!!

  2. You should have texted me...I could have checked on her before I left dayton yesterday!!!~Melissa L.

  3. Thanks Stacy -- I hope she felt that way! :) Independence you know! :)

    And Melissa ~ how could I forget?? Next time I'll send you to diagnose my sick kid. What am I going to do when Emily is hundreds of miles away???