Thursday, January 31, 2013

Oh, the memories......

I had a fun day at work yesterday.  Well, every day is fun -- but this one was extra special.  We had a client come in our office that I  had not met before.  Dan was busy finishing a few things up before he met with him, so I started chatting with him and his wife (imagine that!).

I noted right away that he was wearing a War Veterans ball cap and made a mental note to ask him what was he fought in.  We were discussing if they would like coffee while they waited when they explained to me they had just taken their "break" at home before they came.  (They stop what they are doing and come together to have coffee or some other liquid refreshment together!)

He started talking about how it saddens him that he is getting old enough that he needs to take these breaks. He mentioned that when he was in the Korean War, he would be out and about for hours and hours and hours and never once stop.  (Mental note checked off.)

He went on to say that when he worked for Sidney Electric and Area Energy that he would work 9-10-11 hour days without batting an eye -- he would be tired when he got home, but he could handle it.

Whoa!  I exclaimed -- you worked for Sidney Electric AND you were in the Korean War?  You have to have known my daddy, Harold Goettemoeller.  Did you?

Immediately, a smile crossed his face.  "Oh, yes, I knew your dad.  Very well.  The old cuss!"

We proceeded to spend the next 5 or 10 minutes talking about Dad and his ornry ways at work.  I mentioned to him that I have been having strong urges lately to "fix" signs (Dad was well known for "improving" signs to add things that were funny) -- and he chuckled all over again.  He spoke of how he and dad used to spar over tractors (Dad was a to-the-bone John Deere guy -- nothing else; this man was an International Harvester guy.)  He mentioned that he told Dad one time that he had a John Deere lawn mower and Dad said that he had come over to the John Deere side.  The guy responded that he hadn't but.....John Deere was good at making lawn mowers but nothing bigger!  LOL

I've been smiling since that conversation.  I hope that gentleman has, too.

I've noticed that many times when people speak of my parents, a smile crosses their face.

I'm trying to live my life so that when I'm gone, the same thing happens.  I hope I'm on the right path!


  1. Pammie, you made me cry this morning. I, too, had a wonderful, memorable dad. I can see by your dad's picture that he was as onery and fun as you are. Boy, how I miss my dad. My dad made locomotives at the Locomotive works in Lima, during the war. Afterward he built a very successful construction company. He worked hard but really knew how to play too. He loved all of us and included us, kids, grandkids, and friends to his adventures. I always thought everyone's family was so blessed and didn't realize until much later that not many were. Thanks for bringing back memories this morning. Though they make me cry, they also make me smile. Love you, Barb Haehn

  2. Aw, what a beautiful sentiment Barb!!! I know your dad had to be awesome because I see what a legacy he left! We have to love our daddies, don't we?