Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Children are a gift!

“Each day you have with your child is a gift. You have just one life with each, so don’t let it get away. Pay attention and be mindful. You don’t have to resolve to do it—just do it. It’s right there in front of you.”―Betsy Brown Braun
I read this the other day and it really made me think.  Since going back to work almost 7 years ago, this was the first year I took time off between Christmas and New Year's, to spend time with the kids.  We didn't do anything fun or special, other than play with new toys, and have friends over, but it was time.  Precious time.  Time we will never get again.
Oddly enough, it's taken for Sarah to go to college this fall for me to realize this.  Suddenly, she wasn't in the other room reading a book, or chatting with her friends.  She was an hour away!  Don't get me wrong -- I'm so happy for her -- she's having a blast (and I certainly consider my college years some of the best years of my life!) -- but life just isn't the same. 
And I know in a year and a half, when Emily leaves for school, I'll be feeling the same way all over again!  Realizing it's a phase, but also realizing that life, as we know it, will never be the same.
It makes me sad to see people wishing their lives away.  Understand, I was a stay at home mom for 13 years, so I get it -- I understand that some days you just can't change another diaper, or pick up another Cheerio off the floor (attention Emily!), or the crying gets to you.  I get it.  But, as much as you can, grow with it. 
I heard an interesting reflection the other day.  Make a video.  A video of yourself.  In the video, talk to yourself as if it was 10 years ago.  What have you learned?   How are you different?
Then, video yourself and talk to the you that will be in 10 years.  What would you say?
I think it's a very interesting concept, and think I will try it.  I will let you know how it goes!
Because soon, memories will be all we have.
Hope your new year has been filled with lots of love and happiness so far!


  1. In the day to day drudgery, it's very easy to be all consumed with the problems of raising kids. THe hard times and the feeling overwhelmed. But having a sophomore makes you realize this truly is such a short time in life. Soon they will be gone more than they are home and I just can't imagine the quiet!

  2. PAM
    you are truly a blessing in everyone's lives around you. your children appreciate everything you have ever done. day to day we sometimes focus on the negatives, but there are so many more positives than anyone can ever realize. your children help you to sainthood always because motherhood involves small sacrifices everyday, but realize that you too are helping your children become saints too. you have set the foundation for each of your children. through this foundation, they can only grow even deeper in understanding of who they are and what God's plan is for them. parents have a huge role in children's lives and it's a blessing to be apart of something so great. through parenthood, we remember the simple things all over again, and perhaps, maybe even God's perspective of many situations (parent to child somewhat like the relationship between us and God). being a great parent is also a role model for the community that you are apart of. Pam, you are remembered in many good memories, talked great of for the advice you've given, and noticed for the way you strive to provide for you family, and the folks around you. keep on striving in this journey along the Christian path. ;)

  3. Wow --

    Anon #1 -- high school kids have a way of giving us a "mixed blessing" feeling, don't they? A few more difficult conversations under our belts, but we hope that our kids make good decisions. And amidst that, we DO appreciate the gifts they all give us.

    Anon #2 -- what a beautiful post! Thank you so much! I wish I knew who you were to give you a hug. We do hope we are giving our kids a good base and that they will thrive from that. You are a blessing, too!