Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kent & Friends

In my last post, I talked about Solo & Ensemble contest.  Talked about preparation, and performance.  Saturday night, the girls and I (and a couple of their friends) went to see "Kent & Friends" perform in Wapak.  I was struck by the irony that just last year this time, Kent was a senior in high school, picking out a college (and, by his own admission, not getting his top choices), performing at dance competitions (similar to solo & ensemble only dance), and trying to figure out what he wanted to do with his life.

From left to right, Abby, Hillary, Holly, Sarah, Becca, and Emily
 (and Shelly Finke is way in the back in the nose-bleed section!)

What a difference a year makes!  I still chuckle to think how many times we saw Kent perform in high school (we went to most high school performances to see my nieces, and he was always in them) -- and how many times, during the "meet the cast" segment after the performance, we gave him the quick handshake, or maybe didn't even stop to say hi or good job.

And yet, Saturday night, people paid $25 each (not us, though!  LOL) to shake his hand and say good job!  Who else have I overlooked in life, and maybe should have shook their hand a few more times?  I say -- take every opportunity you get.  We always thought Kent was good -- extremely good -- but I don't know that anyone would have guessed -- probably even Kent -- that he would be where he is now already in his life.

The performance?  Extraordinary.  I kept thinking, "I can't believe I'm sitting in Wapak watching such talent!"  Amazing!  Kent, Robert Roldan (cuter in person), Alex Wong (my gosh, the muscles that man has -- and he said he was back to 60% -- I would love to see 100% because he was amazing!), and Allison Holker, who did some of my very favorite dances on SYTYCD last year.  Top that off with the dancers from the Dance Centre, and we were in for a real treat!  :)

As you can see, we had pretty good seats :) (well, except for the speaker shown in the foreground!). 

So.....I guess my point is that we never know what God is preparing us for.  Last year this time, I'm guessing Kent thought things weren't going right for him, when in actuality, God had a different plan for him!  He just needed to wait for it to be revealed to him!

I hope he makes it big.  How fun that would be.  But, I also hope (as I have heard his family and friends have told him) that he never forgets his roots -- his hometown of Botkins, where he went to school.....and his dual hometown of Wapakoneta, where he went to dance school.  I can't wait to see what God has in store for him!

Until next time,


  1. This just made me very happy Pam :) I always think the same thing now about Kent...how I used to see him all the time at dance competitions and always thought of him as a star then (and had a crush on him :P) but never actually thought that he would end up this big on a big show like SYTYCD. God is so mysterious in his ways...it shows that we just need to have him take over completely because he has a specific plan for each of us. How incredible :)

    Jessica Lynn Marie Feltz
    Ps. Im going to have to read these more often they are fantastic!

  2. Jess ~

    I think the beautiful thing that we can take from this is that we don't know what anyone in our life is going to do.....maybe not everyone will be famous, but we don't know what anyone is going to do in their lifetime. I know you already do this, but.....we need to remember to appreciate everyone so so much! :)

    Thanks for reading. I really appreciate it!