Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The "word"

So, if you read my many posts on Facebook, you know that a couple of weeks ago I was stuck on this talk from KLove about their word for the year.  What they wanted their listeners to do was to think about their lives and what needed improvement.  Instead of coming up with a New Year's Resolution (since we all break them anyways!) -- they wanted us, as listeners, to come up with a "word" for the year.  A word that was something we wanted to work on this year.  A word that represented something that we were not, but wanted to be or do.

I felt very strongly about this, and challenged my friends and family to create their word.  It caused many posts on my Facebook page. 

Well, last week I took it to my CCD class.  Along with our discussion of Mary Magdelene, we talked about this word and what their word might be.  I challenged them.  I challenged them to go home and think about what their word might be....and asked them to have one for me this week.

As always, the rule in my room is that you don't have to tell, or talk.  I've learned, especially when people are talking about things that involve their faith, that people don't always want to share.  And that's ok.  :)  So, tonight we opened our class with a discussion of the word (and a simple explanation for those that weren't there last week) -- and I asked if they had all come up with a word.  For the most part, I saw nods and heard a few yesses.  When asked to share their word, if they wanted, I heard some really neat words.....I heard "relax" -- asked what that meant, and was told they needed to not stress out about stuff quite as much. 

I also heard the word patience -- as in patience with those who are younger than them.  I told them my word, which is actually two words -- forgiveness and redemption.  In my situation, they are kind of interchangable -- I have some forgiving to do, but probably also need forgiven.  Once that has taken place, I hope there is some level of redemption, so that what was lost can be regained. 

We continued with our discussion tonight of "Bad Girls of the Bible" -- discussing Herod's wife, who wanted (and got!) John the Baptist's head on a platter.  Wowwee --- what a bad girl SHE was!!!  :)  Another great discussion tonight.  And, as I told my class, I will miss them -- they were SO GOOD about participating in discussions, asking questions, etc.  I told them I bragged about them and it made them smile.  :)

I had the nicest present when I got home.  I logged into Facebook and found a message waiting for me.  I have to tell you, I got a tear in my eye (I know, I'm a constant fountain anyways!) -- but I asked her for permission to reprint it here because it meant so much to me:

Hey Pam, I just wanted to say thanks so much for teaching us this CCD session. I really enjoyed it and I have taken it all with me. I think that my word will definately have a lasting impact on my life. Well, that's about all I had to say...maybe next time I can "try" and say it face to face, haha. Thanks Pam
"Try" was the word that they are going to use this year -- interesting word, I think.  Try to overcome fears, try to not back out of things, try new things!  I hope they have much success.

Thanks for all of your kind words about this blog.  I really appreciate them more than you know! 

Until next time,

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