Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Thanksgiving Month!

In November we celebrate Thanksgiving.......so every day this month think of something you are thankful for!  I'm sure this will get harder as the month goes on!

I'm starting today with a rather generic one -- but one that means the world to me.  I'm so thankful for my family -- my husband, my children, and my siblings (I may regret later throwing all of them in one time!)........

It's been a rough year for many of us.  It seems that many of us have lost people close to us this year.  This past weekend, a family in Minster lost their daughter in a very tragic way -- and also her child.  I didn't know them at all -- but it doesn't matter.  One person's loss touches the hearts of all around us -- especially a situation like this.  My love and prayers goes out to the Weigandt and Wells families as they deal with this in their own way. 

While it is sometimes hard to understand God's plan, we move forward with the understanding that eventually it will all fall into place.

Thanks, Lord, for the beautiful people you put in our lives each and every day.


  1. love this idea Pam! Never hurts to work on our "attitude of gratitude!" May have to steal this idea for the month:)

  2. Steal away!! I have a sneaking suspicion what I will be thankful for on Friday night! :)

  3. Great post! During this tragic time for the Weigandt & Wells families and friends, I am forever greatful for our health, love & happiness. Mandi was a cousin to my best friend and it has been an extremely exhausting week for anyone who was touched by this young lady. My prayer is for God's Grace to fill this young man who has been left without his beautiful wife and precious little girl. And for healing for the immediate & extended family members. Unthinkable. Take time to embrace what really matters and do not focus on the small stuff.

  4. Oh, Robin ~ my heart hurts for all of them, still. All we can do is pray for love and guidance for all of them. My condolences to your friend as well. I'm sure it hurts.