Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Today's gratitude.....

Today I am thankful for.......

My CCD classes!!!  (I know, it's old school to call them CCD classes -- what does that even stand for anyways? -- but I do.  Call 'em whatever you want!)

Tonight I am very thankful for them.  We started our discussion of the book "Heaven Is For Real".  I loved, first of all, that they actually read the book!  Most of them, at least!

I also love their openness about what they thought of the book, an how it affected them.  If you haven't read this book yet, please do!!  It's awesome!

Two of my favorite parts -- which they brought up tonight were:

1.  Colton, the little boy in the story, tells an older man who is dying -- in front of his family, with all of the calmness in the world -- not to worry, when he gets to heaven the first person he will see is Jesus.  I love that he said it so matter of factly (as he did most of the things in the book) -- and also I LOVE the thought of Jesus being the first person I will see in heaven!  (Followed quickly by my parents, I hope!)

2.  Jesus loves the little children.  He stresses that so much in the book -- and we've all heard it -- and now I believe it even more.  As I told the class tonight -- I count them among that group.  Pope John Paul II stressed the importance of our teens in our church -- and I think he was on to something.  Jesus loves the innocence of little children -- and teens, too. 

I'm so thankful I get to teach each and every week.  Because really, it's not about the teaching.  I'm not teaching.  Jesus is.  He's teaching me right along with the kids.  And I love it!

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