Monday, February 20, 2012

Faith & Family with the New Bremen OCCL

Well, that was fun!  I was asked about 6 months ago to speak tonight at the New Bremen OCCL meeting (I forget what the letters mean, but it's a Mom's group).  I was very surprised at the number of women who attended!  (I don't think they attended because I was there -- I think they attend always :)

I was asked to speak about "Faith and Family".   I thought that was pretty wide open, so I tried to hone in on the opportunities that God gives us each and every day -- and also talk about God's timing and how, while we try to schedule everything in our lives, there are many things that need to be left up to him.  Additionally, I talked about God's timing in how he has a plan and slowly lays it out -- many times while it is happening, we can't figure out why or how this is happening -- but after it is over, we are able to look back and make sense of everything.

I discussed my word for the year, "listening", and talked about trying to listen more in my life -- not only to God and his thoughts, but also listen more to my husband, our kids, and life in general -- to not only hear what they are saying verbally, but what they are saying non verbally.

I had a very surreal thing happen to me when I was done.  Part of my story was telling the birth story of our twins -- whose birth had a real spiritual impact on our lives.  I couldn't possibly tell that story without talking about my awesome OB/GYN, Dr. Donna Diaz.  She delivered all six of our children and is definitely way more in my life than a doctor.

When I was done speaking, I returned to my seat.  Another woman at the table asked if I meant Dr. Diaz that was in an office with Dr. Teteris.  I said, "Well, yes she is!"  She said, "I have an appointment with him tomorrow!!!"  Yet another example of what a small world this is!!!  She is in COLUMBUS -- an hour and a half from here.  Do you know how many OB/GYNs are in Columbus???  How crazy!!!  I tore out the part of my story about her and scribbled a note on it -- and asked her to deliver to Dr. Diaz tomorrow. 

Thanks so much to the OCCL group for asking me to speak.  I really enjoyed it!


  1. You did a GREAT JOB and are always a joy to listen too!!

  2. Pam thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to come talk to us about your family and faith. You are so right about it is Gods time not ours. This is something that I have been trying so hard to understand myself for the past several years. Thanks again for the awesome talk it helps me understand that I have to continue to have faith. God will answer all my prays...they just may not be the way I see it... but it will be Gods will and in Gods time...

    p.S. OCCL stands for Ohio Child Conservation League.

  3. Thanks, Stacy and Janet ~ thanks for inviting me to share my story. It's taken me a long time to get where I am -- and I cannot wait to see where I'm going! :) Keep on keeping on. There's a plan there, even if you can't see it!

    Thanks for that, Janet -- I knew it was something like that but didn't want to mess it up! :)