Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tucking In.....

Every once in a while, I am the FIRST ONE in bed at our house (mostly on a weekend, and probably once per year!)......

I actually LOVE to be the first one in bed, because then , everyone has to tuck me in!!!  :)  It's fun to see what the kids do -- literally tuck the covers in around me, or just cover me up, or give me a hug and a kiss.  It really doesn't matter to me, because I love all of it!!!  And truthfully, they love it, too (OK, maybe the older girls notsomuch!)

The other night I was given such a treat.  It got me to thinking (because I was in bed WAY earlier than I'm used to, so I could, you know -- get tucked in!).....about rituals and how much I love them!  Tucking in, saying prayers, the hugs and kisses before leaving for school.  We tend to take those things for granted, because we hear or say them every day, but they are a beautiful part of our everyday lives!  :)  What a gift it is to give to our kids to look forward to each day.

I know sometimes we get rushed and maybe don't get all the way into a particular ritual on a day, and I feel badly about it.  I work really  hard at making the time for the next day!

What are your rituals at your house?  Share -- maybe we can find some more!  :)

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