Sunday, February 5, 2012

Magnificat of Lima talk

Yesterday was a wonderful day on many counts.  I started the day by going to Lima, o go to a breakfast sponsored by the Magnificat group from Lima.  I wasn't really sure who they were, or what they stood for, but I knew they had asked my friend Kimi Bown to speak, so I knew they had to know what they were doing!!!  :)
Magnificat talk
When I left the house, it was just starting to snow.  I stopped at the bank on my way out of town and was told by the teller that hen she got up in the morning, nothing as happening outside, by the time she left for work, it was snowing a bit, and then, by 9 am, it was snowing pretty hard.  I guess if you live in Ohio, anything is possible!  :)

At any rate, I arrived at the meeting at 10 exactly (which is what time everything was to start).  I looked around and saw a table in the back with two empty seats -- I asked the women sitting at the table if I could sit with them and they said, "Of course!"  I don't usually have a problem striking up conversation with anyone, so we had a nice time chatting and getting to know one another.

First things first -- as everyone well knows, any meeting worth its salt includes food!!  :)  We were at the Old Barn Out Back, so the food was great!  We had breakfast -- which is one of my favorite meals, so it was fantastic!  I looked around for Kimi -- I didn't really want to talk to her beforehand, not knowing how nervous she was or anything.  I finally found her at the head table --looking extremely gorgeous!!!  I also spied her daughter, Natale, who, many moons ago, was in my American Girl club at the coffee shop!

After breakfast were a few of the "every day" things they do -- with prayer intentions, some singing, a little talking.  An then it was time for Kimi -- I was excited and nervous for her!

I have never heard her speak in public before -- but she did great!  She told us her "story" or witness talk, about how she really got involved in her faith -- in spite of many obstacles.  In fact, she told us how she grew in her faith -- in spite of (maybe because of!) many obstacles!!

I hope that some day you will get the opportunity to hear her speak -- she concluded her talk by introducing the entire audience to her nephew, Kaden (hope I spelled that right!), whom she (and many prayer warriors) saved from an abortion!!  Such a beautiful story -- I found my eyes welling up and feeling like an idiot because I couldn't see anyone else around me crying -- until I turned around and saw the woman beside me (who as behind me during the talk) with as many tears as I had.  Such a beautiful testimony!!!

I love watching women come together and support each other in their faith, along with supporting each other in general.  It's a beautiful gift!!!

We spent the balance of the day with our friends Joe and Melissa and their entire beautiful family -- I love how well our families get along.  Parks and all.  :)

Hope your week is fantastic!!!



  1. I haven't had the pleasure of listening to her speak publicly, but I've had many, many conversations with this wonderful woman of faith. You are fortunate if you can count Kimi among your friends!


  2. Thank you so much, Pam, for making the trip in the bad weather and for the wonderful response. I could have used another hour to pull all of the stories together and really share more about the lessons learned. When she said I had about 10 minutes left I nearly choked! I'm still having fun from the tips in your cooking class. Blessings to you and your wonderful blog.

    Deacon Sean, you have been a wonderful friend and mentor and I have enjoyed every one of those conversations. Thanks for stopping by to read about my witness talk. Maybe Pam would like to read a few more of your thoughts from your blog: I'm so proud of your work there!

  3. Thanks, you two!!! Deacon Sean -- make sure if given the opportunity to hear her, that you take it! She's awesome!

    Kimi - I wouldn't have missed it. Your story is very touching and powerful. I thank God for the gifts he gave you -- with one of those gifts being perseverence to save that little boy's life!