Friday, October 7, 2011

Becky part 2

I spent a fair amount of time driving today, and, for some reason, my post yesterday was rattling around in my head.  I feel like I want to expand it a bit.  So, for the first time ever, I'm doing a part 2 to a blog post.

I don't think I gave Becky enough credit yesterday.  Honestly, although I guess I knew it was coming, the news of her passing still shocked me a bit. 

I think Facebook is a good thing -- heck, probably a great thing.  It certainly allows us to share our thoughts and feelings, sometimes even when others may not want us to.  But, in Becky's case (and the case of her family and friends) -- I think Facebook is a GREAT thing. 

Last night I spent a fair amount of time reading through the posts on Becky's wall, with people leaving their "good bye" messages to her.  What an awesome tribute to her!  What beautiful things people had to say about her! 

What struck me most, was the varying age levels of those posting.  I didn't just read posts from people her (my) age, although there were many.  I read posts from people younger than her -- in fact, many times much younger than her.  And they were posting about what an incredible impact she had on their lives.  True, Becky worked at school, and that put her in contact with many more high school kids than the normal person, but these kids were addressing her as their friend -- much more than I ever would have our high school secretary!   She was such a positive role model to everyone she encountered.

By our world's standards, Becky never did anything "great" -- she never won a Nobel prize for peace, she was never a political pundit, she didn't ever invent anything as awesome as the iPod.  But by many people, Becky surpassed what any of those folks did, or ever will do -- especially with their personal lives.  She touched people -- personally.  Her smile, her dimples, her will remain in our hearts.  She's left an indelible mark that will never be erased. 

She's gone to be with the Lord now.  She's out of our grasp.  But, as we said our good byes, there were others on the other side, waiting for her, exclaiming, "Here she comes!"

We didn't want to say our good byes this quickly, Becky, but we must.  Keep 'em smiling up there!

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