Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The YouCat and the Beatitudes.....

I've been given a real gift.  I've been the given the ability to spend an hour each week with the future of our church, hoping that during our time together we will all grow a little in our love for the Lord, and pave our road to heaven just a little bit further.

Each year, it's a toss up what classes I take.  I have always told Robin that I will take whatever she wants to give me, thinking that that would be the Lord's plan.  This year, I had a class I really wanted to teach, so I requested it.  We've been discussing the YouCat -- the Youth version of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

If you have ever tried to "read" the Catechism, you will tell me that it is very boring and not really a "readable" book.  It's more of a reference manual.  Something to refer to when you don't know, or understand, something to do with our church.  It is a great resource, really.

If you know me at all, you know that I have always loved Pope John Paul II.  What he did for the youth of our faith is amazing.  He singled them out and realized that they are the future of our church, and that we need to celebrate them.  In that vein, he also realized that in order to do that, we need to update our resources so that they are interesting and usuable to them as well.  I've written about the Catholic Youth Bible before -- I love it and think everyone should own one -- a youth or not. 

Well, before he died he commissioned a similar product for the Catechism.  It's unclear to me who named it, but the YouCat is the Youth Version of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  It's READABLE :) -- and is well thought out.  There are references in the book back to the Catechism, so that the reader can consult the Catechism if they don't understand.

Tonight we discussed the different seasons of the church year.  They were able to look them up, see when they fall, and figure out what the colors of the seasons are.  It was truly a great discussion!!! 

Following that, we talked about the Beatitudes and tried to dissect them.  What does each one mean, and how did Jesus want us to interpret them? 

We discussed the fact that "You get what you give" we put it in mass perspective.  I challenged the kids to find one part of mass this weekend that they don't generally pay attention to and give it special attention, and see what happens.  (My example was to pay attention to when Father consumes the Eucharist just prior to Communion.)  I guarantee they will appreciate mass just a little bit more.  Try it for yourself!  I bet it will work for you, too!

Have a blessed week.  I hope you look up the Beatitudes and find one that fits you today.  Dissect it and enjoy it!  :)

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