Monday, October 3, 2011

May HIS will be done....

We went to mass this evening, as it was being offered up tonight for my parents.  I have to admit, I'm not really sure why we don't go to weekday masses more often, other than they aren't on our "schedule".  It only takes 1/2 hour of time and means so much each and every time. 

Before mass started, Will was quizzing Emily about the different things in church (a plus to sitting in the chapel, so things look a little differently).  My favorite question of his -- is that the "breadholder"???  :)  He meant the tabernacle, but now knows that name, too!  :)

I ended up distributing communion at the last minute -- and once again, was so blessed to do so.  As I was distributing to my family, I thought of how wonderful it was that I was able to physically nourish them before we left, and then to be able to give them a spiritual drink was such a wonderful bonus! 

One of the things Father said tonight in his homily was that sometimes we hear over and over what God wants us to and no matter how much we try to ignore it, He eventually (even years later) gets his point across.  So true -- some things I have to hear over and over and over again before it clicks with me that it is His will that I'm hearing!  :)

So, today my wish for you is that you are listening for God's will, and for His purpose in your life.  And even more so, my hope for you is that you have the courage to listen and do what He is asking of you.  Sometimes, that is the hardest part.  After all, it's not always the popular thing to do!

Blessings for a good week!

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