Wednesday, October 12, 2011

YouCat Class tonight

I wish I could teach this class forever.....but, alas, we only have 4-week blocks in which to teach a class.  I love the YouCat, and, I LOVED my class this time.  Let me clarify that by saying I don't ever mind my classes, but sometimes the personalities in a class just fit and blend very well with each other.  That's what we had this time.

Tonight's discussion started with defining, "What is sin?"  I had the kids come up with their own definitions before we went for the "official" wording.  I told Tarynn I was going to credit her for her answer because I loved it so, so here goes:  "Sin is being put the the naughty corner in heaven."  LOLOL!!!  Cute, funny, and actually, pretty accurate.  We did have a brief discussion about quantifying that a bit -- IF you make it to heaven after you sin!  :)

We went through the book and did some discussions about curfews and parents, and even a little talking about a dead deer that could have gotten in your way on your way home from your friend's house, which might have made you late for your curfew (but, in our discussion, the deer never existed in the first place!).  We talked a lot about why parents give their kids curfews that goes further than trying to make their lives difficult -- we actually love our kids and would like to have them off the roads before the bars close and potentially drunk drivers are on the road.  A few lightbulbs went off when they heard that!

I loved our talk tonight -- I love to be able to put the parent/child relationship in perspective from the parent's point of view (especially when my children are present!).  :)

We finished the class with a handout and a challenge to them.  The handout was this:

Once you have come to know God, you must put him
in the first place in your life. And with that a new life
begins. You should be able to recognize Christians by
the fact that they love even their enemies.

I then challenged them to live life as God would like them to.  I took some words from Jamie's talk the other night -- about living life as God wants us to and questioning our every move with asking ourselves, "Would this be pleasing to God?"  They are going to try it for at least one day this week.  Maybe you can, too!  Start with Jamie's morning offering each day and make a conscious effort to ask yourself throughout the day, "Would this (whatever you are doing or about to do) be pleasing to God?"  I hope it makes your day better!

This was, sadly, our last time together.  Next week starts a new session, when I am teaching a class with two others about the book, "Heaven is for Real".  Have you read it?  I've never done a class quite like this before, so am going to be looking to the Holy Spirit for a little inspiration!!!!  If you'd like to enter into a discussion, I'm sure I'll be mentioning it on here and we can have a discussion about it!

Have a good day!


  1. Beautiful post! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks, Robin -- it truly was a gift to teach them (although I don't think "teach" is an appropriate word!).