Monday, March 21, 2011

Words of inspiration!

Have you ever had that moment when you needed to hear something, or read something, or see something to make you better?  And then somehow, seemingly out of nowhere, the right thing comes along? 

I had one of those moments today.  I had a pretty busy (and stressful) day, and was just looking for some words of comfort.  Somehow, with all of my connections and groups that I read, I knew something would come along.  I didn't know what it was I wanted to read/hear, but I needed something.

Little did I know I would find it from my friend, Alicia's, page.  She is always posting neat little quotes and sayings.  Today was no different.  She had the perfect words to make me feel much better.  Thanks, Alicia!  :)

How often don't we hesitate to post something, or tell someone something, when we really want to, thinking maybe no one will read it, or enjoy it, or appreciate it?  How many missed opportunities have we had?  I often read things from people, and try many times to respond, to let them know I appreciated it, but don't always, so people may not know anyone appreciated it!

We often talk in my religion classes about this topic -- needing an answer or needing some propping up and where we turn.  I often turn to the bible (although in all honesty I didn't today only because I didn't have one near me, and what I'm about to describe doesn't work well on a computer!  LOL)  Have you ever done this?  If you are looking for an answer somewhere, open up the bible.  It is AMAZING what you will find.  Just a random passage will often bring you comfort, or peace, or whatever you are seeking. 

I love that God provides for us in this way -- helps us to understand that whatever we are going through, many others have, also -- and have been since many many years ago!  :)

So, today, if you are seeking answers -- consult your bible! 

By the way, if any of you are looking for presents for Easter, a great present is always a Bible!!!  A great bible that I love (even at my age!  LOL) is the Catholic Youth Bible.  It is well written, and has discussions, very relevant discussions, for many of the more "popular" readings and passages -- to help you to think about them.  What a wonderful gift for someone -- or a treat for yourself! 

Have a great day, everyone!  And thanks, Alicia, for the inspiration today....just when I needed it!  :)

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