Sunday, March 13, 2011

Woo -- whatta weekend!

Wow -- what a weekend!  With lots of emotions!

Friday, as everyone knows -- was a pretty awful day -- first the earthquake in Japan, followed by the threat of a tsunami in Hawaii pretty well stressed me out for a while.  If you are not aware, my nephew and his wife are stationed in Hawaii -- and, of course, my sister and her husband were visiting them.  I usually know her travel plans -- we exchange itineraries -- but didn't have hers this time.  And, of course, because clearly my ability to think logically had become disengaged, I didn't think to contact either of her boys right here under my nose.  Instead, I asked my brothers -- what was I thinking?  Boys never know anything!  LOL 

After many hours of praying and worrying, we finally found my sister and her husband were safely back in the states, unaware until they landed that there were any problems (probably better that way!).  My nephew and his wife were ok, too -- just a little stressed about the whole ordeal.  But they were troopers.  We have a friend who is still in Japan, safe, but trying to get a flight out -- any prayers you can spare would be appreciated.  He hopes to get out on Tuesday -- when flights start leaving again.  I hope it is uneventful for him.

It was contest weekend at our house, and in New Bremen....choir Friday night, and band Saturday afternoon.  Perhaps because I was so emotional earlier in the day, (or not) when the choir came out on Friday to sing, immediately my eyes started leaking....I thought they were great!  I would have given them a "1", but.....the judges unfortunately didn't agree.  Neither choir made it to state, and I was sad....they were so awesome!

Saturday brought the band, and they did receive the opportunity to go State in a couple of weeks. 

We are so proud of all involved in both of these endeavors.  It takes a lot to get up and sing in front of not only your peers, but also parents, and strangers.  They did fantastic!

We travelled from Van Wert (band contest) to Findlay for a winter guard contest, which was awesome!  I love to watch all of these groups do what they do best.  Very enjoyable (which is good, because we have another one this weekend!  LOL).  Emily and Sarah participate in this guard along with girls from Wapak, Marion, and Lima.  Very talented girls!  :)  They received first place in their division, which was the best they've done this year so far! 

Today, I went to see a musical, "The Drowsy Chaperone" with my friend and her sister in law.  It was fun.  I love the theatre and wish I could go much more than I do.  I appreciate her asking me.  Dinner was fun, too!

So......I was thinking today about some of the comments that I've received, and decided to try something.  If I get feedback, we'll do it.  If not, we won't.  LOL

I want to have Open Line Sundays.  This is going to be easy.  Either comment on this post, or send me an e-mail, or a Facebook message, with questions your have regarding anything to do with our faith.  If I don't know the answer, I promise to find out and answer in this blog.  The fun thing?  It will be anonymous.  I know that many times people worry that they shoud know things, but don't.  Don't worry -- there are lots of things people don't know, and maybe the same question you have is the same question someone else has.  So ask away!  :)

I hope this week is great for all of you!  :)

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