Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mass is ended; go in peace.

"Mass is ended.  Go in peace."

Ah, the golden words to every child who has endured mass for the past hour, probably asking their parents at least 5 times, "Is it about over yet?"

I heard those words this morning and they made me think about the Gospel we heard today.  We read from Matthew, with very fitting words (physically) about flooding and making sure your home has a good foundation.  Here's the entire reading if you want to read it:  Matthew 7:21-27.

I was reflecting on the same line that Father was discussing in his homily today, verse 25, which says:

"Rain came down, floods rose, gales blew and hurled themselves against that house, and it did not fall: it was founded on rock." 

How fitting for those of us who have seen and experienced flooding this past week, and are praying that we see and experience no more.

However, as Father mentioned, and I was reflecting on later......our faith, too, must have a firm foundation.  I have talked a lot in my ccd classes that your faith is not sometehing that just comes to you, and, like anything, must be practiced.  To get good at anything, we must practice, practice, practice.  And if we don't practice, sometimes we can still be ok, but most times we don't succeed.

Much like with our faith.  If we go to church on Sunday, but don't fully participate (just go because we are supposed to), or don't do anything to grow in our faith outside of mass, our faith is never going to grow!

And, much like a house needs a firm foundation, so does our faith.  We have to know and practice the fundamentals (prayer, sacraments, following the 10 commandments, etc.) before we can build upon that.

And really, those last words that Father says at mass are not an ending, but rather a challenge for the week ahead.  Go in peace.  Go in peace!  Go forth and bring peace.  Bring goodness to the world and share His word. 

(which reminds me of something I learned a year or so ago and find very interesting.  Did you ever wonder why they bring the book of the Gospels into church but not back out?  Well, it's because we bring the word of God to church, but it is OUR job to take the word back out and spread it!  So, by leaving the book up at the altar (or in the ambo), we are challenged to bring the word OUT.  Interesting, huh?)

I have a couple of things that I have found to hopefully make your lent a little more meaningful, and will be sharing them throughout the week.  For now, let's figure out how strong our foundation is, and how we can make them stronger!

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  1. Thanks for the inspirational messages -- maybe you should be the next speaker at the coffee shop -- and if I am going to continue with such events, I need to give them a name....any ideas?