Saturday, March 26, 2011

Well, it's all over :(

Remember the other week when I posted about the fun ccd classes we were putting together?  Well, I'm sad to report that they are all done.  History.  No more.  :(

I have to admit, they were some of the funnest classes I have ever taught.  Working with other people, and bouncing ideas off of them, was fantastic!!  Not to mention what I learned in the process!!!!  :)

We ended the year by playing Holy Redeemer Jeopardy!  Brad put it all together using many of the themes we discussed over the past 4 weeks.  We had prizes (t-shirts, cd's, bibles), and, of course, candy.  It was a great game, and we all noticed that there was not one person there not playing.....some may not have been giving it their all, but they were at least playing!

As is always my hope, I hope we opened these youth's eyes a bit.  Hope we whet their appetites and gave them at least a little hunger for the bible and what it means to them, and their faith.  And, if they aren't there yet, hopefully someday they will look back on these classes and realize what a beautiful opportunity their bible and their faith present.

So, we finish another CCD year (for the high schoolers, at least).  And, for one person in my house, we finish with CCD forever.  I hope we gave them the tools to succeed.  Or, at least, the tools to figure out how to succeed.

Hope your weekend is going well.  We're off tonight to see NBHS production of "Dead Man Talking".  It's an original play written by a man here in town.  Let me just say that guy's got talent!  I haven't laughed that hard in a while!  :)

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